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Computer Affair
U.F.O., episode 2 (1.2)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Ed Bishop   IMDB   Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell   IMDB   Colonel Alec Freeman
Michael Billington   IMDB   Colonel Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham   IMDB   Colonel Virginia Lake
Vladek Sheybal   IMDB   Doctor Doug Jackson
Gabrielle Drake   IMDB   Lieutenant Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez   IMDB   Lieutenant Nina Barry
Peter Gordeno   IMDB   Captain Peter Carlin
Harry Baird   IMDB   Lieutenant Mark Bradley

An Interceptor is destroyed when it collides with a UFO, and Straker orders the responsible personel to SHADO HQ for questioning and psycho-analytic tests. The computerized results of these tests reveal that Lt. Ellis diverted the Interceptors in the incorrect order due to an emotional attachment between herself and Interceptor pilot Mark Bradley. Straker grounds Ellis, despite strong objections from Freeman. The UFO, which is at first lost in a radar blind spot, is later relocated and shot down by Sky One. The UFO crash lands in a Canadian forest, and Freeman is assigned to track it down using the mobiles. Despite the computers findings, Freeman assigns both Ellis and Bradley as part of his team. Will Lt. Ellis' judgment be affected again?
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