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U.F.O., episode 6 (1.6)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Ed Bishop   IMDB   Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell   IMDB   Colonel Alec Freeman
Michael Billington   IMDB   Colonel Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham   IMDB   Colonel Virginia Lake
Vladek Sheybal   IMDB   Doctor Doug Jackson
Gabrielle Drake   IMDB   Lieutenant Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez   IMDB   Lieutenant Nina Barry
Peter Gordeno   IMDB   Captain Peter Carlin
Harry Baird   IMDB   Lieutenant Mark Bradley

Straker believes that orbiting space junk is a hazard to SHADO operations, and demands that General Henderson fund a program to eliminate it. A SHADO lunar module is then destroyed during Earth reentry by an Alien device which steepens the module's reentry flightpath angle. However, Henderson is convinced that the accident was pilot error, and puts a ban on all lunar flights. Col. Foster violates the ban to prove that the accident was not pilot error. He survives his encounter with the Alien device by starting at a very shallow reentry angle. Straker then orders all three Interceptors to destroy suspected pieces of space junk which an Alien device may be hiding in. However, while the Earth is left undefended, a UFO is sighted and its target is SHADO headquarters!
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