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The Square Triangle
U.F.O., episode 11 (1.11)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Ed Bishop   IMDB   Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell   IMDB   Colonel Alec Freeman
Michael Billington   IMDB   Colonel Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham   IMDB   Colonel Virginia Lake
Vladek Sheybal   IMDB   Doctor Doug Jackson
Gabrielle Drake   IMDB   Lieutenant Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez   IMDB   Lieutenant Nina Barry
Peter Gordeno   IMDB   Captain Peter Carlin
Harry Baird   IMDB   Lieutenant Mark Bradley
Patrick Mower   IMDB   Cass Fowler

When an incoming UFO is found to be heading for England, Straker allows it through in the hopes of capturing it intact. However, before a search team can get to the landing location, the UFO explodes and a lone Alien wanders off in the night forest. Nearby, a woman and her lover are conspiring to shoot her husband when he arrives at a vacation cottage that night. However, as the front door is opened, the wife ends up shooting the Alien instead. The SHADO search team arrives and the couple is taken away to SHADO HQ, where they are given an amnesia drug which erases their memory of the incident. Meanwhile, as Col. Foster is investigating the house, the husband arrives and Foster figures out the lovers plan. What should SHADO do about the couple, who will obviously try to kill the husband again if let free?
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