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U.F.O., episode 14 (1.14)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Ed Bishop   IMDB   Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell   IMDB   Colonel Alec Freeman
Michael Billington   IMDB   Colonel Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham   IMDB   Colonel Virginia Lake
Vladek Sheybal   IMDB   Doctor Doug Jackson
Gabrielle Drake   IMDB   Lieutenant Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez   IMDB   Lieutenant Nina Barry
Peter Gordeno   IMDB   Captain Peter Carlin
Harry Baird   IMDB   Lieutenant Mark Bradley

A SHADO operative's wife has just given birth, which causes Straker to remember the events leading up the birth of his own son. Flashing back 10 years, Ed and Mary Straker are happy newlyweds. However, Ed's involvement with the development of SHADO begins to put a strain on the marriage, as he is rarely home and cannot talk about his work. Mary becomes pregnant, but she also becomes suspicious that Ed is spending his time away from home with another woman. How can Ed make his wife understand that he's being faithful without compromising SHADO's security?
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