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The Psychobombs
U.F.O., episode 22 (1.22)

Last Modified: 28 Jun 2006 13:30:03

Ed Bishop   IMDB   Commander Ed Straker
George Sewell   IMDB   Colonel Alec Freeman
Michael Billington   IMDB   Colonel Paul Foster
Wanda Ventham   IMDB   Colonel Virginia Lake
Vladek Sheybal   IMDB   Doctor Doug Jackson
Gabrielle Drake   IMDB   Lieutenant Gay Ellis
Dolores Mantez   IMDB   Lieutenant Nina Barry
Peter Gordeno   IMDB   Captain Peter Carlin
Harry Baird   IMDB   Lieutenant Mark Bradley
David Collings   IMDB   Daniel Clark

A UFO lands in England, and hypnotically controls 3 people nearby - Linda Simmons, Daniel Clark, and Carl Mason. Miss Simmons then strangles a policeman with superhuman strength given to her by the UFO. Clark then attacks Commander Straker in his car, and gives him a written ultimatum that a SHADO tracking station, Skydiver 3, and SHADO HQ will be destroyed if they do not cease operations immediately. Sure enough, Clark breaks into the tracking station, and when he grabs some high voltage power cables, the station explodes. Mason then similarly destroys Skydiver 3 after getting past security. Due to the report of the strangled policeman near Clark and Mason's homes, Foster is sent to investigate Miss Simmons. He then brings her to SHADO HQ - the next target for destruction!
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